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Install Instructions : Method 1
1. Unzip into the following PokerStars directory on your computer:


You should now have a directory that looks like this:


2. Inside the 'C:\...\PokerStars\gx\Seitz333Chips' directory you will see several folders, these are the
different chip sets. You will also see the related .ini files for each set.Select a set you would like to use, for this example we will use the BlueRidgeV2 set.

COPY the BlueRidgeV2gx.ini file to the 'C:\...\PokerStars\gx' directory.

3. Open the 'C:\...\PokerStars\gx' directory, you will see 2 files gx.ini and the new file you
just put there (BlueRidgeV2gx.ini).

RENAME the gx.ini file to gxOLD.ini

4. RENAME the BlueRidgeV2gx.ini file to gx.ini


- Do not have the PokerStars Client running when you install the mod or while renaming the files.

- When starting the PokerStars Client you must use the PokerStars.exe executable. If you use the default
PokerStarsUpdate.exe executable you will get a notice there is a new version of the client available. If you
download the update it will overwrite the modified gx.ini file and the mod will not work.

From time to time even using the PokerStars.exe executable PokerStars will force you to download an
updated version of the client. If that happens you will need to repeat steps 2-4 after installing the update.
There is a chance that when you download and install a new mandatory PokerStars update it will have
changed the encrypted gx.ini file, in which case the mod will not work. I do plan to update the gx.ini files
each time PokerStars makes a change to the file.

Install Instructions : Method 2
You can also use this method of installing the chips mod if you are not comfortable with using a modded encrypted gx.ini file:

I recommend extracting the downloaded files into your "My Documents" folder. Once you extract the zip files you will then copy and paste the "chips" folder for whichever mod you want into the following PokerStars folder:




When launching PokerStars you will need to use PokerStars.exe instead of PokerStarsUpdate.exe . This is because when you use PokerStarsUpdate.exe the client checks with the server and you will get a message that you have an old version and it will download and install the new version with the standard chips. There will come a time when you will have to use PokerStarsUpdate.exe and it will overwrite the chips folder. When this happens simply copy and paste the "chips" folder again like you did in the steps above.